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Fall Fairy Child Costume


  • Your child can celebrate the colors of the Halloween season in the Fall Fairy child costume.
  • This charming outfit is knee-length with a v-shaped neckline and simple sleeveless design.
This year brings new designs and styles for Halloween costumes for the whole family. Get something new and stylish for you and the kids.
Here are some great Halloween costume ideas to get you started with your party selections.

Ghost Lady Elite Collection Adult Costume

More Ideas....

Ghost Lady Elite Collection Adult Costume
  • The prettiest ghost ever to roam your neighborhood on Halloween night.
  • This elegant Victorian-style dress embodies a much higher class of spooky characters.
  • To achieve the maximum spine-chilling effect, add a wig and makeup.
  • This hauntingly beautiful csotume includes tattered hem and lace sleeves.

Cleopatra Child Costume

And Even More Ideas....

Cleopatra Child Costume
  • This Cleopatra child costume may not help kids with their Egyptian dance skills, but it will have them looking like the most awesome Egyptian ruler ever this Halloween..
  • This Eqyptian style dress is accented by a blue-and-gold belt and collar, making it perfect for any aspiring ruler.
  • The attached cape and matching wrist cuffs create that perfectly regal feel.

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The Halloween Season Designs

Halloween offers plenty of very, very distinctive emblems. For example, when you notice some sort of figure of a black cat with his back curved and his ears laid back, what pops into your head? Why, Halloween, of course!

Ever wondered exactly how certain items became so tightly associated with the Halloween holiday? Here are several:

Goblins: It's thought by many people that witches cast spells (mutually bad and good) and can tell fortunes. A lot of people think about witches as ugly crones with green skin color, a huge unpleasant wart on the nose, and also dressed in a pointy hat and black robes! Goblins are generally frightening. Terrifying and Halloween go with each other!

Broomsticks: Goblins are generally pictured sitting on broomsticks. A witch on a broomstick silhouetted against a full moon is considered the most popular of Halloween images. Naturally, just like always, there exists a more sensible explanation ; less entertaining, but more reasonable. It's stated that ghouls carry out dances in which they will jump over broomsticks - not really ride them.

Bats: Bats are really a well excepted symbol of Halloween, and absolutely no self-respecting Halloween party would be caught without them (though bats made of construction paper instead of the real living creatures). The actual symbolic representation most likely started in ancient Celtic society, whenever huge bonfires were being built. The bonfires brought in mosquitoes, and then the mosquitoes attracted a lot of bats.

Owls: Those same bonfires which the Celtics built to observe that which we refer to as Halloween attracted mosquitoes. The bats and the owls appeared to feast on the countless number of mosquitoes that were readily available.

Black cats: In some way as well as for some unidentified reason, cats of all colours happen to have been connected with a variety of religions over the years. At some point during the Middle Ages, someone resolved that black cats were actually evil. They brought "bad" fortune. Black cats ended up being even hunted down and killed.


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