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Costumes For Kids Halloween

Kids Halloween Costumes Witch


  • This little wicked witch comes with a sweet side.
  • Black, white, orange and yellow dress with a zipper closure.
  • Comes with a pointy witch's hat that resembles a delicious candy corn with orange and white striped design.

Candy Corn Kids Halloween Costumes Witch

Welcome!   Here we feature some of the latest Halloween Costumes for Kids; from the cutest to the most frightening.

Here you will see costume images and links for some of the cutest and scariest Halloween Costumes for your child.

There are kids Witch Halloween costumes, little kid Halloween costumes, Ninja costumes for kids,

Princess Halloween costumes for kids and many more different styles of Halloween costumes for girls and boys.

This year's Halloween party won't be the same without the proper Halloween attire. Each child has their own personallity and there is a Halloween costume that is perfect for just them.

After all you want them to have fun collecting all their Halloween treats and they can't do that if they are not happy with the way they look.

Click to select the perfect Halloween costume from our large selection of costumes for kids.

Harry Potter Premium Gryffindor Robe Child

Ghost Face Child Halloween Costume

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe for Kids
Kids Ghost Halloween Costumes
  • Everything about this robe speaks quality.
  • The black velvet is soft to the touch and has satin lining in royal burgundy on the inside.
  • Has a hood attached and a front clasp just like in the Harry Potter films.
  • The robe comes in small, medium and large and is sized to provide a perfect fit over a shirt and pants.
  • Your child will blend into the night with this spooky costume.
  • A long black robe stretches down to ankle length and covers the entire body.
  • Attached fabric extends from arms to give a creepy, ghostlike look.
  • The Ghost Face's staple mask is a contrasting white and stands out from the all-black costume.

Glitter Witch Toddler Halloween Costume

Ninja Kids Costume Halloween

Kids Witch Costume
Ninja Halloween Costumes Kids
  • Want a witch costume that's different from all the rest? The Glitter Witch Costume for Toddlers is just what you need.
  • This witch costume includes a purple lace up top, full rainbow color skirt and a point hat.
  • This toddler adorable glitter witch costume is ideal for Halloween or just playtime.
  • Your little ninja will be mysteriously difficult to find this Halloween.
  • The Stealth Ninja child costume includes warrior jumpsuit with attached hood and ties, belt with foam stars and face mask so your tot may look a bit more ferocious than usual.
  • 100% Polyester, Hand Wash

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Princess Costumes Girls

Maybe your little girl is not a witch but more like a little Princess. Check out the Princess Halloween Costumes also.

Skeleton Zombie Child Costume

If your child likes scaring people with wierd faces or seeking up behind them with a boo then they will probably enjoy celebrating Halloween in their Skeleton Zombie Child Costume.

This kids monster costume features a long-sleeved, skeleton-baring shirt, pants with gauze and leg bones showing through. Added are skeletal hand gloves for extra zombie zest. .

This Skeleton Zombie costume with the hollow-eyed and hooded skeleton mask is the look that should be all that is needed to be the scary one at Halloween.

Ghost Halloween Costumes For Kids

Halloween and Ghosts just seem to go together. Kids love to dress up as a ghost even if it is just pulling a sheet over their head. But that's not enough to make your friends scream.

So try the Ghost Face Costume. It consists of a black hooded robe, matching belt and contrast white character mask. This should be creepy enough to get the job done.

Ninja Halloween Costumes Kids

If your child is always coming in with wounds to be patched then maybe he is a Ninja and would enjoy the Ninja Halloween Costume.

This costume includes a warrior jumpsuit with attached hood and ties, belt with foam stars and face mask.

Since your child is a little ninja when his wounds are all patched up he will be back in the thick of the Halloween party in his Toys Stealth Ninja Halloween Costume.

Grim Reaper Costume

What could be more creepy at Halloween than the Grim Reaper. With the Grim Reaper around you might not want to answer the knock at the door.

This kid's costume has a long, black tethered robe, a black hood with an attached black face cover and a pair of skeleton gloves. This costume will give a really Halloween eerie appearance.

Batman Child Costumes

If your child is a Batman fan or always want to save the day then a Batman costume is a good selection. This is something that they will ove fighting crime in all year long, not just at Halloween.

You can choose from popular ones like Batman Beyond, Batman Begins, Muscle Chest Batman, Batman The Dark Knight - The Joker and more.

And don't leave out the girls. Batman can't really do a good job of fighting crime without his partner Batgirl. And there are some cute Batgirl costumes for you to choose from also.

Halloween Costumes Toddler

On a lighter note there is the Pumpkin Pie Toddler Halloween Costume. It features a top with pumpkin face and puffy sleeves, an orange and green headband and orange trimmed wings. This pumpkin pie fairy ensemble will make you little on look sweet as pumpkin pie.

Costumes For Kids on Halloween

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