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Rovio Angry Birds - King Pig Adult Halloween Costume

Women Adult Halloween Costumes
  • This King Pig costume features a foam pullover and pillow pouch so you can add your own extra stuffing.
  • Protect your eggs this Halloween from those Angry Birds

Adult Halloween Costumes

Welcome!   Here we feature popular and fun Adult Halloween Costumes to make you the talk of the party.

We provide pictures and links for many popular choices of Halloween Costumes for Infants, Adults, Toddlers, Men, Women, Kids, Pets and Teens.

You will be able to choose from styles that are unique, sexy, plus size, tv and movie characters, couples and more.

Feel invincible as you walk into the room with a laser canon strapped to your arm in the Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon Movie Adult costume for Halloween.

In addition pick your masks, wigs, hats, decorations, party supplies and other accessories to make your halloween party loads of fun for all.

Select a funny costume for lots of laughs or a sexy style for lots of looks.

Click to select from an even larger array of styles of Adult Halloween Costumes.

The Flintstones - Fred Flintstone
The Muppets Animal Adult Costume
Fun Adult Halloween Costume
Simple Adult Halloween Costume
  • Mr. Fred Flinstone, complete with big and bare "clubs" for feet, is a fantastic option for your next costumed shindig.
  • This Flinstone costume includes a black and orange robe, just the way you remember ol' Fred.
  • There are matching cuffs, as well as some dapper black "hair" to make you look just like Mr. Flinstone. The big blue neck tie completes the ensemble.
  • This muppets costume is 100% polyester.
  • Hand wash.
  • Includes Shirt, Collar with attached chain, gloves, drumsticks and mask.
  • Invite some friends to dress as Muppets for a fun group costume theme.
  • Pants, gloves and shoes are not included.

Top Gun Mens Flight Adult Halloween Costume
Transformers 3 Adult Halloween Costume
top gun adult halloween costume
adult transformer costume
  • Hit the streets in top "Cruising" style in this Top Gun Men's flight suit costume.
  • Air Force style patches and aviator shades with the Top Gun logo complete the uniform.
  • Includes: Jumpsuit, 2 Name Badges.
  • Does not include: t-shirt, sunglasses or boots.
  • As the humble yet loyal Bumblebee, you'll look extra cool in this realistic helmet with glowing eyes.
  • This iconic character costume comes with a robotic-looking jumpsuit that you can easily zip yourself in/out of.
  • Includes: Jumpsuit, Helmet, Chest Piece, Hip Piece, Left Gauntlet, Right Gauntlet with Cannon.
Where To Buy Adult Halloween Costumes:

Halloween Costumes 2014 and Before

Halloween is a time for celebration and superstition.  It rides the line between fall and the winter season.  As the nights begin to bring a chill to the air and the days are growing shorter, people can really get into Halloween parades, costumes and parties with sweet treats to usher in the cold of winter.

Even though Halloween is looked upon as a children's holiday it really brings out the child in the adults also who love to dress up in their scary or funny costumes and take part in the holiday as well.

"Trick or treating" is an American Halloween tradition that probably dates back to All Souls' Day parades in England.  Pool citizens would beg for food during these festivities.  Families would give them "soul cakes" in exchange for their promise to pray for the giver's dead relatives.

This giving of soul cakes was encouraged by the church because it was viewed as a way to replace the practice of leaving wine and food for roaming spirits. It was referred to as "going-a-souling".  This practice was eventually taken up by children when they would go around to the houses in their area and be given food, ale and money.

Dressing in costumes for Halloween came from hundreds of years ago when winter was a frightening and uncertain time.  Food was scarce and for those who were afraid of the dark the short days of winter were something to constantly worry about.  It was believed that ghosts came back to earth on Halloween and people thought that if they left their home they would encounter these ghosts.  So, they would wear a costume if they had to go out after dark in order to disguise themselves and make the ghostly spirits mistake them for some of their fellow spirits
At one point people Halloween was a period when people felt especially close to their deceased relatives and friends.  For these friendly spirits they would leave out treats on doorsteps and along the side of the road, light candles and set places at the dinner table.  All of this was to help their loved ones find their way back to the spirit world.

Halloween Superstitions

Today our superstitions and customs are scarier and ghosts are depicted as more fearsome.  We are afraid that a black cat crossing our path will bring us bad luck.  This superstition has its roots in the Middle ages.  At that time it was believed that witches would turn themselves into a cat in order to avoid detection. 

We also think that if we walk under a ladder then we will have bad luck.  And around Halloween we try to avoid stepping on cracks in the road, breaking mirrors or spilling salt.

A much older Halloween tradition was to use the period to help young women identify their future husbands and to assure them that they would, with luck, be married by the next Halloween.

Another old time tradition was that young women would toss apple-peels over their shoulders, hoping that the shape formed by how the peels fell on the floor would show the initials of their future husband.

Modern Halloween Activities

Jack o'Lanterns at Halloween is something people have been making for centuries.  Carving pumpkins is a popular part of the Halloween celebration in modern America.  Around October pumpkins can be found almost everywhere in the country.  They are for sell in our grocery stores, on people's doorsteps and a part of people's dinner tables. 

Years ago in Ireland and Scotland people made jack o'lanterns by carving scary faces into potatoes or turnips.  They would place these into their windows or near their doors in order to frighten away wandering evil spirits.

In England, they carved large beets for the same reason.  Immigrants from these countries brought this Halloween tradition with them to the US.  It wasn't too long before they found that the pumpkins in America were perfect for carving jack o'lanterns.

Halloween has grown into a lot more than just carving scary or happy faces in pumpkins.  Kids now go trick or treating in their neighborhoods, out of a circle of car trunks in their church parking lot and in local retail stores in malls. They pretty much expect to come away with a big haul in their trick or treat bags.

For their trick or treat outing they dress up in all sorts of Halloween costumes.  Families even outfit the babies in cute Halloween costumes for the occasion.

Halloween Costume Adult

Even adults get into the act.  Halloween parties have grown into big events in the US.  Adults love to dress up in their special Halloween costumes for some creativity and playfulness on Halloween night.

You will find people dressed up in many different styles of costumes.  You will see gangster costumes, pirate costumes, sexy costumes, funny costumes and even Halloween costumes for your dog.  And Halloween masks will further enhance your attire.

Halloween in America has become a time for real fun for the whole family.  So, get your cauldrons ready, find the Halloween Costume that will make you the life of the party and go party.

Witches Halloween Costumes | Vampire Halloween Costume

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