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Fun Halloween Costumes For All

Angry Birds Adult Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes - Adults

Welcome!   Here we feature popular and fun Halloween Costumes for all, in order to make your Halloween a memorable event.
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We provide pictures and links for some of the more popular choices of Halloween Costumes for Baby, Adults, Pets, Women, Men, Kids, Teens and Plus Sizes.

You will be able to choose from styles that are cute, unique, sexy, tv and movie characters, couples and more.

In addition pick your shoes and boots, masks, wigs, weapons and armor, hats, jewelry, decorations, party supplies and all other accessories to make your halloween party great fun for all.

Select a sexy style costume for lots of looks or a funny costume for lots of laughs.

Click to find your perfect style of Halloween Costume for you to wear to your 2014 Halloween party.

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Halloween Treats For Your Party

Ohh... there are many delicious treats that you can make or purchase in this day and time to make your Halloween Party memorable.

Your choices might differ for your child's Halloween Party versus the Adult Halloween Party you and your spouse or date plan to attend.

Children are generally happy to go "trick-or-treating" and then come back and admire and enjoy the spoils of their trip. Even if you are entertaining a group of children they generally are happy to have such things as candy apples, cupcakes, milk or some type of orange drink or some Halloween decorated cookies.

If you are planning for your Adult Halloween Party then you will want to be more creative and decorative. After all all those goblins will be very critical of your large array of treats.

Halloween Spooky Drinks

You will want to have some kooky cocktails or maybe just some old fashioned hot apple cider with rum. Black Tea Drink for Halloween

Black drinks are popular for Halloween drinks. You can make a Black Martini by adding Blackberry Brandy or Black Raspberry Liqueur to gin or vodka.

If Red drinks are your preference then use a Blood Rum Punch. The other nice thing about this type of drink is that you can allow your Halloween costumed guest to help themselves while you mingle amongst the gouls and goblins.

Halloween Meals

Your party treats may just be finger foods or a full course meal. If serving a meal then you might want to consider Dead Man Over Worms ( Meatloaf over Spaghetti Noodles).

Halloween Fun Raising Idea
Posted: Aug 3, 2014

Many families have their children do their trick or treating in their church parking lot where family members provide the treats out of their car trunks (known as Trunk or Treat). They have parked their cars in a large circle where they have backed up to the circle and can open their trucks or hatches and the children will go around to each car to collect their trick-or-treat treats.

Parents feel this is a safer environment for their children; especially if they are small children. The kids still get to dress up in their Halloween costumes, masks and other attire and they still have their pumpkins hanging in their hands for collecting their treats.

Many parents decorate their cars with scary Halloween items and try to scare the kids as they come by. Others will have lighted pumpkins sitting in the trunk of the car to provide the Halloween atmosphere for the evening. It is also fun to bring some CDs with spooky sound effects and sound them out from the car stereo or a portable CD player.

You may want to create a Witch's caludron by dropping some dry ice in a punch bowl with water. Just be sure and don't let the kids touch the dry ice because it can cause injuries similar to burns.

Another little safety precaution is to give the kids a flashlight so they don't trip over anything in the parking area as they go from car to car.

This is a great time to have a fund raiser for your charity by providing hamburger, hot dogs, drinks, chips, chilli, hot chocolate for a small contribution. Parents are usually rushed to attend the event and would love to have a place to get some dinner without having to rush around getting it prior to showing up for the Halloween party.

Bring a grill, some ice chests and maybe a hot plate for the hot chilli. If the event is at your church you may be able to use the church kitchen.

Any left overs can be contributed to a local mission at the end of the event.

Halloween Fun With Your Toddler
Posted: Sept 27, 2013

There are all sorts of fun things you can do with your toddler at Halloween.  You can visit a pumpkin patch together, view and select the Halloween costumes and decorate the house together.

Another fun thing to do together is some pumpkin crafts.

Here are a couple of pumpkin crafts that most any toddler will enjoy.  Most toddlers have little patience so prepare all the items you need for the activity in advance.

A Simple Paper Jack-o-Lantern

There is nothing complicated or fancy about this idea but kids seem to have a lot of fun with it.  Simply take some orange construction paper and cut out a few pumpkins.  Then cut some triangles for eyes out of some yellow or black construction paper and don't forget a toothy grin out of some white or black paper.  Then to top it off cut a stem shape and leaves out of brown or green paper.

All these pieces will need to be glued together with a glue stick.  Depending on your child's age you can let them help with the cutting and/or the gluing.

Don't forget to take photos of the Jack-o-Lantern and your toddler for your photo album.  You will treasure these memories years from now.

Pumpkin Painting

Usually a toddler is too young for all that scooping and carving on real pumpkins to make that jack-o-lantern for the front porch.

A safer option is Pumpkin Painting.  Get a pumpkin or some gourds, put an old t-shirt and pants on your toddler, get non-toxic paints and find a place outside where they can make a mess.  You'll be surprised at what artwork your toddler can come up with.

Just sit back and relax and enjoy the fun your little one will be having.  And, once again don't forget the camera.

Halloween Can Be A Time Of Giving Also!

This is a great time to teach your child the joy of giving. There may be a new kid in school or an elderly neighbor that would love to have a special treat and just be remembered at this time of the year. So, rather than just collecting treats, let them and maybe some of their friends dress up in their Halloween costumes and deliver a little treat to that special someone.

Depending on your Halloween night plans you may want to let them do their gifting a few days before Halloween.

If you let the children pick the person or persons that they want to gift then the act of giving may be more meaningful to them.

Halloween Events


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